Our Team


Jessica A. McRory, PE, LEED AP

President – jmcrory@arehna.com

Ms. McRory is routinely involved with projects from conceptual planning through post-occupancy additions. She knows the importance of subconsultants to a team of design professionals, contractors and owners. She assures that AREHNA meets or exceeds all commitments made to a project. Her background as a Registered Professional Engineer and business owner facilitates her understanding of the personnel and performance needed to meet project goals. She has successfully managed the geotechnical aspects of testing, design & construction for over a thousand geotechnical projects.


Amanda S. Pereira, PE

Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer – apereira@arehna.com

Ms. Pereira has over 23 years of progressive experience in the fields of geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection. Her experience includes coordination and oversight of subsurface explorations, geotechnical report preparation, shallow and deep foundation inspections and testing, multi-story threshold inspections, review, quality control and reporting of field and laboratory testing for soils, concrete, asphalt and structural steel during the construction phase on a variety of projects.  Her experience has been gained both in the public and private sector on a variety of infrastructure projects including urban and rural roadways, airports, water and wastewater facilities, pipelines, commercial and private buildings, subdivisions, site  suitability and due diligence studies and commercial sites.


Angela L. Alba, PE

Senior Geotechnical Engineer – aalba@arehna.com

Since obtaining her MSCE from MIT in 1998, Ms. Alba has provided geotechnical engineering services on numerous geotechnical explorations over the past 20 years,  recently serving as the Geotechnical Discipline Lead for the I-595 Corridor Improvement project in Broward County,  Florida, which is the single largest project ever awarded by FDOT.  Ms. Alba has been involved in the planning, analysis, execution, and review of geotechnical projects to determine soil and rock properties for use in design of foundations for projects ranging from roadway and railways to complex roadway bridge and tunnel projects to commercial high-rise  buildings, school projects, and other local municipality projects.  Ms. Alba has performed evaluations for retaining walls, shallow foundations, driven piles, drilled shafts, augercast piles, micropiles, and pressure injected footings.  Ms. Alba experience has also included finite element analysis, slope stability evaluations, soil nail wall design, and evaluation of geosynthetics applications, and geotechnical ground improvement techniques.

Kirk M. Eastman, PE

Senior Geotechnical Engineer – keastman@arehna.com

Mr. Eastman has over 26 years of experience, which includes subsurface investigations, shallow and deep foundation analyses, pavement design and a wide variety of technical reports on roadway, bridge, retaining wall and retention pond as well as a variety of single and multi-story structures. He has managed and provided engineering support for FDOT Districts 1 and 7 Geotechnical Districtwide contracts for nearly 20 years. Mr. Eastman has worked on FDOT projects throughout every District in the State, as well as for many other public and private projects including city and   county governments, residential and commercial development.  


Sonia R. Florence, PE

Former Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer – sflorence@arehna.com

Ms. Florence has over 19 years of geotechnical engineering experience. As a Senior Professional Engineer, her duties have included technical review, as well as project  management and analyses for a wide variety of geotechnical studies for both public and private clients. Throughout her career, she has maintained a special focus on providing geotechnical consulting for roadway construction and widening for the FDOT, utility agencies, municipalities and counties.  Ms. Florence has provided recommendations for shallow foundations, ground improvement programs, driven piles, drilled shafts and augercast piles. Her experience includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for commercial developments. In addition, Ms. Florence has extensive experience in data evaluation for sinkhole studies. 


Peter R. Lehmann, PE

Senior Structural Engineer – plehmann@arehna.com

Mr. Lehmann serves as the firm’s Principal Forensic Structural Engineer primarily responsible for engineering projects focused on the determination of cause, origin, and extent of damage to buildings and structures from various causes including settlement-related conditions, wind, vibration, moisture/water intrusion, impact damage, construction activities, fires and wood destroying organisms. Mr. Lehmann has accumulated over two decades of construction and engineering experience, in both international and domestic markets, with engineering firms, general contractors, offshore drilling contractors, operating his own consulting firm for 10 years, and in other engineering and construction assignments. Mr. Lehmann is a  registered       Professional Engineer, Building Code Administrator, Standard Building Inspector, Standard Plans Examiner and Radon Measurement Specialist. He is also a certified General Contractor (inactive status).


Peter E. Keppler, PE

Structural Engineer – pkeppler@arehna.com

Mr. Keppler has over 7 years of experience in the field of structural forensic investigations. Mr. Keppler’s forensic experience includes assessment of damage to structures and structural systems (foundations, bearing systems/components, roof surfaces), as well as non-bearing components and systems (floor finishes, interior and exterior wall finishes, etc.) due to various causes including ground settlement, ground vibration, high wind and hail events, lightning impact, moisture intrusion and exposure, invasive tree growth, and construction deficiencies. Mr. Keppler has also acquired experience with subsurface borings and related soil analysis utilizing USCS methods and procedures.