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To meet the needs of our clients engaged in disputes involving insurance claims,

AREHNA Engineering has the technical expertise to provide the following professional services:

Peer Reviews

AREHNA Engineering provides peer reviews of reports produced by other engineering firms. Reviews consist of assessing the scope of work performed, the conclusions drawn from the data, and the appropriateness of any recommendations presented. The results of the reviews are typically presented in a written report.

Neutral Evaluations

AREHNA Engineering has performed over 100 Neutral Evaluations for the State of Florida Department of Financial Services. Neutral Evaluation provides an alternative procedure for the resolution of sinkhole insurance claims. Neutral Evaluators are appointed by the State of Florida from among qualified engineers and geologists to review the testing performed to assess sinkhole conditions and provide independent third-party opinions and recommendations in an effort to resolve sinkhole disputes. The conclusions and recommendations of the Neutral Evaluator are presented in a report to the State of Florida.

Expert Witness

AREHNA Engineering is available to provide expert witness testimony for sinkhole insurance claims. Our experience includes presenting expert testimony in both depositions and civil trials.

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Our team has proudly supported thousands of design-build and turnkey construction projects throughout

the State of Florida.

We employ a diverse team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to the

quality and integrity of our work.

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