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Our Team has Supported Thousands of Dynamic Projects

From roadways and bridges, to airports and sinkholes, our geotechnical, materials testing, and forensic engineering expertise can be found all over the State of Florida.

Tampa International Airport

This project included geotechnical drilling, materials testing, and a variety of inspection services for the enhancements at the Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida. AREHNA was tasked with facilitating multiple efforts, including the Temporary Headache Bars, Pilot Holes, Drilled Shafts, Micropiles, Loading Docks, Parking Lots / Garages, and more.

Ulele Springs Restoration

This project included the restoration and enhancement of an existing spring located in the Tampa Water Works Park, in Tampa, Florida. The project included widening the existing spring by excavating a littoral shelf on the south side and replacing the existing piped outfall to the Hillsborough River with a 100-foot diameter semicircular pool and 200 foot long creek. AREHNA provided geotechnical exploration and engineering services in support of the design.

Jupiter Inlet Bridge

Bascule bridge replacement and widening includes replacement of the existing bridge, new retaining walls, and associated drainage improvements. Evaluation will include reduction of the impacts of temporary vibrations imparted by construction to adjacent historical properties. 

Evaluation included a specialty foundation type not previously used for bridge foundations.  Final selected bridge foundation consists of drilled shafts with post-grouted shaft tips and 30-inch square prestressed concrete piles. 

TECO Manatee Viewing Center

The TECO Manatee Viewing Center is located at Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach. It is an education outreach center, which included a new dock site, single-story buildings, paved areas, a retention pond, a trail and observation tower.

I-4 (SR-400) Ultimate

AREHNA is providing Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing services for the design and construction of miscellaneous structures for the I-4 Ultimate project.

This project consists of highway improvements along 21 miles of highway construction.  Scope includes complete reconstruction of existing lanes, 15 major interchanges, 140 bridges, new pedestrian bridges located at  Maitland Boulevard and Kirkman Road, new S.R. 436 pedestrian tunnel, addition of four express lanes, milling and resurfacing. AREHNA’s subsurface exploration for Areas 1, 2, and 4 includes 253 overhead sign structures, 123 mast arm structures, 63 CCTV structures, 104 Jack and Bore, box culverts, and 5 toll gantry structures.

Upper Tampa Bay Trail – Underpass at Sheldon Road

This Design-Build project included the design of a new alignment of a portion of the existing Upper Tampa Bay Trail. The alignment passes under the Sheldon Road bridge on the north bank of Channel ‘A’. The construction included significant grading of the existing earthen embankment, installation of new retaining walls and reconstruction of a pond berm. Gravity, cantilever and sheet pile walls were all included in the design. Design and construction concerns included low overhead clearance for driving sheet pile wall and high ground and channel water conditions.

Lake Parker SW Basin – Stormwater Improvements

The project included the design of new construction for an earthen berm with concrete overflow structures to enclose a portion of the southwest portion of Lake Parker in Lakeland, Florida.  The new berm design was to separate the lake and a new aquatic landscape area on a littoral shelf. Construction of the berm involved a combination of driving sheet piles to remove upper muck layers and deeper ground improvement. The purpose of the geotechnical exploration was to obtain information concerning the site and subsurface conditions in the areas of the proposed berm construction.

Geotechnical engineering services included a comprehensive field exploration program over water and marsh land to evaluate acceptability of the berm bearing soils and to identify the anticipated soil profile within the excavation depth for temporary sheet piles.  The project required mobilization of a specialized amphibious drill rig and close coordination of boring locations and underground utility locations to avoid conflicts.  Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings were performed along the proposed berm areas.  Our services also included a comprehensive laboratory program to define the organic content in the areas of the anticipated excavation depth of the soils. Highly organic soils were identified at various depths exceeding 50 feet.

Multiple Insurance Companies – Subsidence Investigations

The scope of work performed under these assignments have varied based on project specifics, however typical projects have included the following:

  • A review of soil and topographic data and review of nearby sinkhole activity
  • Documentation of property damage and chronology
  • Comprehensive field investigations including geophysical techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Imaging, floor elevation surveys, soil test borings, auger borings and foundation test pits
  • Laboratory testing programs
  • Foundation settlement analysis
  • Recommendations for repair/remediation and cost estimates

Port Everglades Bulkhead

For this project, AREHNA has provided geotechnical testing services to facilitate the construction of new seawalls and bulkhead walls. This construction will replace walls at the end of their service life at Port Everglades, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This multi-phase project has involved a series of SPT borings, percolation tests, laboratory testing, and analysis to provide recommendations concerning site preparation, wall design, and construction.