Structural Forensic Engineering

Structural Assessments

Foresnsic Engineering Page 2AREHNA’s Structural Engineers have experience designing new commercial and residential structures and concrete foundations, as well as retrofits, additions and a wide variety of supplemental foundation and structural damage repairs.

Our structural engineers also perform structural damage assessments and “Cause & Origin” investigations for claims related to damage caused by:

  • Subsidence / settlement related issues
  • Hurricanes, tornados, hail storms and elevated wind/rainfall events
  • Construction vibration related incidents
  • Roof covering damage and defects
  • Water intrusion and plumbing leakage events
  • Vehicle and tree related impact damage
  • Construction/installation related deficiencies/defects
  • Wood destroying organisms

We perform statutorily compliant structural damage assessments taking into consideration the applicable building codes and design standards. Our inspections include thorough inspection methods and measurements to evaluate structural deficiencies. When required, our structural engineers design underpinning plans to support or properly restore the foundation of the structure. Other in-house structural engineering services include:

  • Structural building evaluations, inspections, and damage assessments
  • Building envelope and moisture intrusion investigations
  • Structural rehabilitation design of storm and fire-damaged structures
  • Structural forensic evaluations
  • Building construction engineering inspections
  • Construction / code compliance inspections
  • Due diligence property condition assessments
  • Condominium disclosure reporting
  • Slip coefficient testing
  • Thermal imaging

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